Below are the steps how to get started with Wahed Invest

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Get started here by downloading android/iphone at official website. https://wahedinvest.com/get-started/

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Insert your email eg: your.email@domain.com

Wahed steps at 3

Create your own password and make sure it is compliance with these requirements

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Fill in the country where do you live at

Wahed steps at 5

No, since i'm Malaysian

Wahed steps at 6

This step contain a series of questionnaire which help you identify which kind of portfolio suites you the most.

Answer few questionnaire below

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Wahed steps at 16

Based on the questionnaire my suggested portfolio is
Moderately Aggresive

Wahed steps at 17

8.26% based on historical returns. You also can select different portfolio by clicking the right/left arrow above.

Wahed steps at 18

What is your investment goals? Mine was building wealth

Wahed steps at 19

Insert your username here

Wahed steps at 20

Create your account now!!. It's almost done, just few more steps 🙂

Wahed steps at 21

Insert your first name and last name

Wahed steps at 22

Also your home address in the box

Wahed steps at 23

Some question related to Malaysian. In your case, it may be different.

Wahed steps at 24

Some related question about myself.

Wahed steps at 25

Check the I agree to the term and conditions and click 'Next' button

Wahed steps at 26

Review again all your details. Make sure no miss spelling.

Wahed steps at 27

If you scroll down there is a link for referral code. Click it.

Wahed steps at 28

Much appreciated if you use my referrer code here 🙂, Thank you.

Wahed steps at 29

Once you added the referer code, it will state Referral code added. Afterwards, you can add funds by deposit or wire transfer with any amount to Wahed.