This will be totally free. Reason being is that, I wanted to help those who want to trade individual stocks, rather than buying a basket of stocks(ETF/Unit trust). Hence, I hope that muslim will now be able to trade confidently under Shariah Law.

AFAIK, I do find that most of the guideline have a little different one to another but these posts should help you understand what are the criteria:

Lastly, when opening an account with Broker, in my humble opinion just open a Cash upfront account. It means, you only invest the money that you have in your account and avoid using other people money. Only do it if you are aware of the risks and etc.


  • Before buying you should spend your time learning and understanding Zakat types and its calculation. Avoiding Zakat will not smoothen your afterlife journey.
  • Also do take you time to understand the shariah here.
  • Please do refer to original website before buying.
  • If you're holding, then look at the source everyday.
  • Things can go south like the data is not up to date. As currently I'm manually updating the data on every Malaysia weekend.
  • If you can't find the stock that you are looking for, it's not necessarily mean it's not Shariah.
    • AFAIK currently, VP-DJ Shariah capped up to 100 stocks. Thus, you can perform you own quantitative and qualitative assessment
    • Wahed, its depend on their assessment.
    • For Malaysia, we had a very strict regulated Shariah board that do all the assessment and if you don't find the stock, it means it's not shariah-compliance.
  • Let me know if there is any incorrect or insufficient statement or broken links in this website 🙂.

Below are the guides for checking the source of Tradingview Shariah indicator

Malaysia Stocks(MYX)#

  1. Malaysia had a very good website which list out all Shariah Compliant.
  2. Every Mei and November, Shariah Board will update the list accordingly.
  3. For more info click here:MYX

China100 A stocks(Shenzhen, Shanghai) by VP-DJ Shariah#

Latest Shariah Listhere.

Shariah Guideline:

  1. Go toBursa Malaysia
  2. Then click the pdf
    Prospectus VP-DJ Shariah China A-Shares 100 ETF d.12 July 2021.pdf
  3. Read at page 48 about Shariah

Wahed ETF HLAL(Nasdaq, NYSE)#

  1. Read more here HLAL
  2. Down below you can see the holding for latest Shariah List
  3. Wahed have a guide on purification, please do have a look at their websitehere. Hence, if you are buying the stocks via Wahed ETF, then you need to purify it.